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Full service managed rentals by Marco Hospitality Solutions a leader in hospitality since 2018. 



Since 2018 Marco Hospitality has been providing personalized care to owners and guests on Marco Island.  We are a real estate brokerage that  provides full-service management

Why Choose Marco Hospitality Solutions?

Theresa, a dynamic professional with 15 years in the real estate and hospitality industry - creating a world class experience for homeowners and guests was second nature to her. With her unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, and exceptional service, Theresa is your trusted partner in creating a vacation rental you love on Marco Island.

 Property Caretaking is our #1 Priority

While earning revenue is important for most homeowners - our number one priority is to take care of your home. Our in-house maintenance department is headed by Devin Cooper. We have a variety of caretaking options, but we physically inspect your home monthly to ensure all systems are in order.


 Management Team We Are Local!

We strive to protect your investment with a local, highly trained professional staff with a commitment to professional, moral, and ethical practices. We are able to respond promptly to our guests and homeowners needs. And all of our management team and employees live on Marco Island just minutes from all of the properties we manage.


 Market Research and Rate Strategy

Marco Island is a luxury market. We do extensive marketing research and training to offer our guests and homeowners current and accurate market rates to ensure our guests are receiving the most value for their money and our homeowners are obtaining the best possible return for their investment to offset ownership costs.


 Pricing Strategies to meet YOUR objectives

We subscribe to the industry-leading Beyond Pricing dynamic pricing tool. The combination of human expertise, and sophisticated software that is constantly measuring demand - coupled with ensuring that a pricing never rents your home for less than what meets your needs puts us ahead of all other companies in Marco Island. We do not require minimum rental weeks for owners either, it's your home we are just here to help!


 Experts in Applying Technology

We have invested in the best software platform in the industry - Escapia & Breezeway for property care which allows us to manage every aspect of managing and renting your property, scheduling and communicating with our housekeeping and maintenance staff and tracking every booking. Plus we provide our homeowners with desktop apps that allow you to view listing information and bookings, statements etc.


 Professional Photography

Excellent photography is the most important element of marketing an tropical or waterfront vacation home. Guests fleeing the cold romance those beautiful photos dreaming of their holidays. We partner with the best in real estate marketing. La Casa Tours.


 Promotion on all major and specialty distribution channels

Our technology platform allows us to promote your home and receive favorable placement and promotion on Vrbo and Airbnb. But we go way beyond that by promoting your home on a suite of specialty websites and channels and our own website. There are marketing fees built into this from the channel partners that are subject to change.

 Direct Booking Website for YOUR home

In addition to promoting your home on our main website and all major channels - we stand out from the crowd by providing each of our homeowners with their own dedicated website that features their property.

This allows our homeowners to promote THEIR home through their social networks to drive bookings to prospective visitors directly.



Our housekeeping team is wonderful I would not choose this career path if we couldn't have amazing clean properties. The properties are usually cleaned the departure day or the following day. We are closed on Sundays.


 Impeccable Trust Accounting & Reporting

We follow the industry's best practice on property management trust accounting, with our Escapia software providing homeowners with complete transparency on every rental and every transaction. Brenda Bayless heads up our accounting department ensuring a smooth monthly statement along side a cheerful smile.


 Comforts of Home

Since 2018 we have been providing vacation experiences to families from all over the world. We find that the homes are best run like a normal home that have all of the things that you would like to have in your home. The days of saying "oh it's just a rental who cares" are over. Guests expect a very high level of furnishings and amenities. TV's in all bedrooms, hotel style patio/pool furniture, upgraded bbq areas, firepit etc. Guests always appreciate bedside chargers as well. We can help you get your home fully equipped for a great experience.

 Guest App

We provide a custom-designed welcome package for your home that guests can access through the Marco Hospitality Solutions guest app. It includes everything from welcome instructions, details on how to enjoy your home - all the way to departure instructions and prompts for reviews.

How To Get Started

Pricing : Our commission is 24% + $1,500 set up fee. ($950 for Condos) which includes all marketing, reservations, guest issues, accounting, housekeeping, arrival and departure inspections, tax filing, accounting statements, and basic supplies and guest book welcome gift. We can have your rental on the market within about 2 weeks depending on the season. Contact us today to get started.
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